New Year, Same Me

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Like many people, I use the New Year to look back on my accomplishments. I really appreciate this time of reflection – usually I’m so busy living in the trenches of the day to day that I don’t take the time to step back and have a broader perspective.

But as I look over my shoulder at the last 12 months I have to say, I managed to take small steps forward that made a big difference in this difficult year.

One thing that I am particularly proud of is this blog. I started writing for Sweet Pea Living around this time last year. Some of my first posts were about the toxicity of “detoxing” after the holidays, and making unrealistic New Year’s resolutions.

When I started, I originally wanted to focus on my relationship with food. It can be a tough thing to navigate for me. I’m always wrestling with eating out, eating too much, trying a new diet or fad craze. Plus, Morgan’s recipes are delicious and easy to make and I wanted to encourage readers to follow along with me in using these recipes to build towards my healthier self. 

However, as I moved through the year, I started to notice how many things I struggle with. It’s not just food It’s – everything.

And the minor things I struggle with are always connected with larger concepts that I wanted to work on. 

I wrote several blogs this year about staying active (New to the Studio, Make it Happen, Use your Partner). On the face of it, it seems like I have a tough time working out. But, as I dug into my routine and started to explain it to you readers I realized that my struggle with a workout routine was really about fear of rejection coupled with a fear of failure. 

Changing my name, cooking trials, hitting the drive thru – all these small moments in life helped me reflect on my larger issues. My issues of vulnerability, trust, lack of boundaries, and self-doubt.

The calendar flip hasn’t changed these things. I’m still me and surprise – I still struggle! I still hate New Year’s resolutions! But, my hope for 2021 is that I can continue to explore my weakest moments with you. 

I hope that together we can reflect on our lives through each post. It may be a lofty goal, but I know that I have reflected on my life through each post. I know that incrementally I’ve succeeded in being gentle with myself. More confident in my endeavors. Ultimately, I hope together we can change our trials into triumphs. 

Here is to a New Year with the same me. 

If you have any suggestions on issues to explore in the new year, please comment below.

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