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Valentine’s Day is just like New Year’s Eve. Whether you are in a relationship or not you always want to have an EPIC plan for Valentine’s Day. You want the night to go perfectly. Some years you choose to go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. You spend half your week trying to figure out an outfit, the right reservation, and then all the money taking a Lyft to the restaurant. Some years you try and get a group together and you scramble to make last minute plans (good luck with that!). Other years you’re like, “Screw it!” and you just order food in with your significant other to go along with a cheesy rom-com movie. 

But, the thing is, it’s never quite right. No matter what you choose, it’s not exactly what you wanted to do. If you go out, you feel like it’s a hassle and you wish you had stayed in. If you stay in, you feel like you’re missing out. It’s another holiday that didn’t quite live up to the hype — just like New Year’s Eve. 

I always struggle with these “Hallmark made” holidays. I find that they are designed to make you feel like you’re missing out or that you’re missing something that everyone else seems to have. This one night is built up to be a display of your relationship and love your significant other has for you. If they don’t get you flowers, or a card, or chocolates and God-forbid you choose not to post it on the ‘gram — it’s obvious to the entire world that they don’t love you. It sounds ridiculous, but I think you know I’m right.

I’m not advocating to avoid February 14th. First of all, I love LOVE. I’m a sucker for love. I’m also a sucker for doing something special with your loved one. I’m just saying that maybe it’s time for us to change our perspective on the instagrammable-Valentine’s Day. Let’s not focus on trying to make the night perfect. Let’s focus on and fight for sustainable love; love that is off camera, love that doesn’t need to be on display to nourish us. Love that you can enjoy in the moment, without distraction or expectation.

Love that you can enjoy in the moment, without distraction or expectation.

It depends on your love language, but I think the best way to celebrate your love (for your S.O., for yourself, for your cat or dog, whoever you love) is through quality time. Everything comes back to investing your time and energy into your love. The best way I spend quality time with my favorite loved one —shout out to Mr. Caldwell — is by cooking. 

This Valentine’s Day we’ll be side by side in our kitchen dicing, chopping, and sauteing together. We’ll put on a good playlist, crack open a bottle of wine, and act like it’s any other night. We don’t put pressure on ourselves to try and make this one night any more special than the next. We love every night together and we work hard to make sure we’re not comparing our lives to others on the internet. In this day and age, it’s a difficult thing to do.

So, what are we making this year? We’re whipping up a Caldwell go-to. As you may know, I absolutely love pasta, especially Gnocchi. So we will be making Sweet Pea Living’s Rosemary & Portobello Mushroom Gnocchi recipe and then cuddling on the couch while watching Entourage

Take a moment this week and think about how you are planning to spend Valentines Day and ask yourself if you’re buying into the hype. Do you feel like you’re trying to make your night insta-worthy? If so, we challenge you to re-prioritize. That may mean you scroll through SPL and find a savory recipe to spice up your night. Or, it may mean that you choose to go out and have a good time with friends. Whatever your night looks like, make a memory not a post. 

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  1. I agree with all your wisdom! You be YOU and follow your own advice. . . It will be worth it!! ❤️❤️

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