Beating the Summer Heat

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Let’s do a photo shoot before dinner…” I casually said to my sister, a little too optimistically one Sunday morning. My 3-year-old nephew had told me “no” when I asked him if he wanted to take pictures with Auntie Momo, but I wasn’t worried until I realized that my 1 1/2-year-old niece shared her brother’s resentment of the camera. “Sassy” didn’t care that she was dressed up in the world’s cutest little outfit. She found it quite humorous to ignore our pleas to hold still. While imperfect, these pictures still bring a smile to my face. They are a reflection of the chaotic, unpredictable life that two toddlers create. We will try again at pictures in the Fall!

The kids had only one request after our failed attempt at pictures in the park. They wanted to go in Yaya’s and Bobo’s pool. No one can blame them… it was so hot! I love these candid water snapshots.

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